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Coming to Vigo

Vigo’s Airport is just 9 kilometers away from the city, and it constitutes the easiest way to get there. It maintains routes to several major spanish cities, and during summer season, international flight routes are opened. Transfers between city and airport are fast and easy; the only obstacle appears in the form of hte occasional presence of fog, which – from time to time – is a cause for flight delays.

Vigo is a spectacular and simple city at the same time. Undeniably attractive, it offers a mix of history, nature and cuisine that is hard to beat. It’s one of the best places to study the country’s long and important naval history. It also gives the visitor a chance to catch a glimpse of pure galician culture, which is very much alive in Vigo’s streets. Despite these perfectly valid reasons to visit, Vigo remains low-key when it comes to tourism, a situation that can be seen as an advantage for the visitor: when a destination is attractive and not (still) massive, things feel more authentic and experiences more true.

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Nestled in northwestern Spain, Vigo is Galicia’s most populated municipality. Historically, the city’s been an important port, and one of Galicia’s industrial and cultural hubs.