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Tenerife Airport Transfers

With almost 900,000 inhabitants, Tenerife is the most populated island in the Canary Archipelago, also Spain’s most populated island. The combination of nature, colonial architecture, top-quality tourist services and a superb climate are enough reasons to explain the island’s popularity amongst people – whether to move in permanently or just visit.

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Eternal spring

Tenerife is an island of volcanic origin, dominated by the presence of Teide volcano – which rises up 3718 meters above sea level. Teide is Spain’s tallest peak, and it lends the name to the National Park where it’s located. The Teide National Park is one of the country’s most popular, attracting millions of visitors every year. Since 2007, the park’s been labeled as ‘World Heritage Site’ by UNESCO. Tenerife’s natural beauty is not limited to the Teide; other sights and hikes include places like the Dorsal mountain range, Anaga and Teno mountains, the Güímar Valley, Cueva del Viento and the Giant’s Cliffs – just to name a few.

To the island’s intricate net of valleys, woodlands, caves and rocks one must add the stunning amount of available beaches. The north tip of the island is characterized by black-sand beaches of volcanic origin, while the southern tip ones are white-sanded. Most visited beach spots include Torviscas’ Beach, Patos’ Beach, El Médano, Socorro’s Beach, Teresitas’ and La Galleta. Beach areas vary a lot, and there’s one for every purpose: some are ideal for scuba-diving, others for windsurfing, others just to lay down and relax.

Tenerife’s climate is excellent, pretty much like the rest of the Canary Archipelago. Average temperatures are 18°C in winter and 25°C during summer.

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Airport island

Tenerife’s popularity is such that the island has two international airports, one on the southern tip of the island, the other on the north. With more than 9 million passengers per year, the Tenerife South Airport is the busiest of them all. Tenerife North Airport has its own share of passengers as well (around 3 million a year). Both airports are in excellent conditions, and transfers are just as good. The road network connects every spot on the island and makes transfers easy, in disregard of which airport you’re using.

Little big island

One of Tenerife’s most surprising aspects is the wide variety of activities, plans and things it offers to the visitors. The island is like a miniature country. Main cities are Santa Cruz de Tenerife and San Cristóbal de la Laguna. The latter’s been declared ‘World Heritage Site’ by UNESCO, due to the excellent state of conservation exhibited by the city’s old town, and also to a series of architectonic peculiarities that date back from the colonial era.

History runs wild in Tenerife, and visits range from the cave paintings left by the Guanche civilization to San Andrés and San Juan’s Castles. There’s an elevated number of museums, a sign that the area is quite developed when it comes to culture. The number of local festivities is high, but there’s one that rise above them all: the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It’s über-popular, colorful, fun and comparable only to the massive one held in Rio de Janeiro.

Tenerife’s cuisine is, as expected, influenced by the ocean, but not limited to fish and seafood. Rabbit and goat are common additions to the traditional canario stew, and many dishes come with ‘wrinkled potatoes’, a sign that you’re in the Canary archipelago. Tenerife has been producing quality wines for centuries, a tradition that, luckily, has not been abandoned. The well known malvasía wine has its origin in the archipelago, and it’s widely available in Tenerife.

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Along with Gran Canary Island, Tenerife represents the archipelago’s ‘urbanity’. This translates into a good deal of services, comparable to the one found in the continent. If we add up the island’s geographic diversity, natural attractions and beaches, Tenerife presents itself as a hard-to-beat combo for tourists. It’s an ideal destination for the restless and the curious, for those who’re always looking for a new adventure. Visiting the island’s never been easier (two international airports are quite a proof for this statement), and entertainment possibilities will hardly be exhausted in one visit alone. The ‘island of eternal spring’ is, undoubtedly, one of the best options that Spain has to offer when it comes to plan a superb vacation.

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