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Shuttle Fuerteventura Transfers

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Shuttle Fuerteventura Transfers

Spain is a diverse country, and Fuerteventura is quite a proof of this statement. Geographically speaking, Fuerteventura island is second in importance to Tenerife within the Canary Archipelago. The ecosystem is quite unique, and the whole island has been declared a ‘Biosphere Reserve’ by UNESCO in 2009.

Given its particular location, the main access route is by plane, through Fuerteventura Airport, which lies just 5 kilometers away from the island’s capital city – Puerto del Rosario.


From no man’s land to promise land

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The airport is one of the island’s economic cornerstones, since tourism became (by large) the main source of income. Last available data indicates that more than 4 million tourists visit Fuerteventura every year, a surprising number compared to the stable population, which lies barely above the 100,000 mark. Fuerteventura Airport transfers require extra care, since the island is highly cherished among water sport fans that arrive with fragile, voluminous pieces of equipment – mostly windsurfers.

Fuerteventura is a destination highly associated to nature. A fifth of its coastline (77 of 325 kilometers) are beach areas, and there’s one for every taste: from long stretches of white, sandy beaches to ‘black’, volcanic spots. The climate is subtropical, moderated by the ocean. The average yearly temperature is slightly above the 20 °C mark, most of the time in a pleasant margin. Low temperatures are quite rare.

The island is considered a paradise of sustainable tourism; nature spaces are protected, public policies aim to preservation and light/noise pollution is highly regulated. The cultural heritage and local identity is also subject of preservation. The beach diversity offered by Fuerteventura is simply astonishing; some of the best spots are Cofete, Puertito de Lobos, Solana del Matorral and, for the water sports lovers, Sotavento.

Infrastructure is remarkable; hospitality sector is diversified, there are highways and roads in impeccable conditions for Shuttle Fuerteventura Transfers and the airport is modern and functional. Nightlife offers several restaurant and pub options.

Fuerteventura’s history is different from other spanish regions. Until the 15th century, the island was populated by aboriginal tribes – the Maxorata and the Jandía. Conquistadors took the island at the dawn of the century, and the Spanish Crown formally annexed the territory by 1476. During the next three centuries, the island was subject of pirate and corsair attacks, due to its strategic location in the colonial sea routes.

The island’s economy suffered a radical change in the second half of the 20th century – when the first airfields were opened. Until then, Fuerteventura was pretty much a subsistence economy, relying on artisanal fishing and agriculture. With the arrival of tourism, the economy took a quantum leap, and most people changed their trades. The new airport – which opened in 1969 – allowed the arrival of international flights (the first of them in 1973), and the local economy boomed.

Fuerteventura’s cuisine is simple, but reflects the island’s spirit: fresh fish, goat meat and a famous goat milk cheese – the majorero – which is excellent in both fresh and curated versions.


Into the wild

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In a way, Fuerteventura is to Spain what Galapagos are to Ecuador. The islands are similar in some aspects: both are natural havens, biosphere reserves officially protected and well preserved. Main difference can be seen in the tourism approach: Galapagos are not that open to tourism as Fuerteventura is. However, both places take good care of the environment in every possible way.

Visiting Fuerteventura is a privilege that, until a few decades ago, was reserved to those who owned a yacht. Thanks to the airport, things have changed, and the privilege is now available to millions. Governments have invested at large in the island, especially in infrastructure and urban development. The road network – small, but functional – make transfers easy and – like most things in the island – enjoyable.

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