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Seville calling

Seville’s relevance in Spain is palpable when looking at the communication and transport network of the city. Seville can be reached by train, highway or plane. Seville’s airport – a work by famous spanish architect Rafael Moneo – is used by more than 4 million passengers every year. Transfers between airport and the city are available by bus, taxi and private transfer companies.

Seville is the capital of the Autonomous Community of Andalucía, and it’s among Spain’s most visited cities – right behind Madrid, Barcelona and, every now and then, Benidorm. With a population of 700,000, Seville is a vibrant, lively and attractive city all year round.

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Andalucian heart

Seville’s history is similar to the one of other major spanish cities: first it was a roman settlement, with latter periods of muslim and christian dominance, before the spanish royal powers gained back the city and the authorities consolidated its power. The main difference radicates in, perhaps, the magnitude of the city’s historic heritage, which is – by all means – immense, complex and impressive.

Seville’s old town is one of Europe’s largest, comparable to the one of Venice in its extension. It’s where several World Heritage buildings are placed (the Alcázar Palace complex, the Cathedral and the General Archive of the Indies), and it’s one of the best places to observe the intricate relation between the cultures that once ruled the area – a lot of arab customs and traditions still live in Seville.

Other unavoidable historical sights include the Plaza de España, Torre de Oro, Metropol Parasol and Casa de Pilatos. However, a visit to Seville is not restricted to monuments; old neighborhoods are an invitation to get lost between centennial streets and houses, which are as lovely as well preserved. Santa Cruz neighborhood, Alameda de Hercules and St. Mary’s Park are highly recommended to anyone visiting the city.