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Shuttle Menorca Transfers

Menorca Airport Transfers

Menorca Airport Transfers
Mahón is Minorca’s capital, and Ciudadela its most populated city. Minorca’s Airport is located 4 kilometers away from the capital. It’s a small airport (in comparison to Majorca’s), but efficient. In 2014, more than 2 million passengers went through the airport, most of them during summer season. The shuttle Menorca transfers and the private transfers are rather popular among visitors, given the island’s size and rugged geography. Minorca’s low population density makes transfers easy and quick.

menorca Airport Transfers

Natural paradise

Minorca did not experience the tourism boom that swept Majorca and Ibiza – at least, not in the same, sometimes blunt way. As a consequence, the island’s natural surroundings remained undeveloped or underdeveloped, and conservation was made a priority. Eventually, tourism became the island’s principal source of income, but its influence is not as big as it is in Ibiza and Majorca. Small industries and gastronomy kept the island’s economy afloat, providing a balance that is seen as beneficial for both the local culture and idiosyncrasy.

Menorca’s natural attractions are a source of pride for locals and a surprise for visitors. Some of the country’s most impressive beaches and calas can be found on the island; some of the best include Macarelleta, Cala Escorxada, Cala Galdana, Cala Trebaluger and Es Talaier. Minorca’s beaches are characterized by crystal-clear, deep turquoise waters. Climate is typically mediterranean, offering nice temperatures in every season but winter.

Getting there

Minorca is the third most populated island of the ones composing the Balearic Archipelago, and the second largest after Majorca. The totality of the island has been declared ‘Biosphere reserve’ by UNESCO in 1993. Minorca’s history is, in many ways, similar to the one of the other Balearic islands. Originally inhabited by the Talayotic civilization, Minorca became a strongly disputed territory among the ocean powers that ruled the Mediterranean during the following centuries. Phoenicians, romans, muslims, christians and british exerted dominion over the island until the beginning of the 19th century, when it was ‘returned’ to Spain.

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Exploring Minorca

Minorca is one of Spain’s most interesting islands. Conservation efforts, a small population and a defined identity are the key components that turn a visit to Minorca into an adventure.

The area is dotted by a number of archaeological sites and historical monuments; from prehistoric sites of Trepucó and Talatí to the paleo-christian Basilic of Son Bou and St. Mary of Ciudadela’s Cathedral, built in the 14th century. Ciudadela’s old town, the town of Mercadal and San Luis municipality attract large numbers of visitors as well.

Minorca’s typical dish is caldereta de langosta y bogavante – a lobster stew that is, simply put, out of this world. Local cuisine is completed by the famous Mahón-Menorca cheese, cold meats like Carnixulla and Sobrasada and, in the sweet department, Coca Bamba, the island’s cake. Local cuisine is strongly influenced by local produce, and freshness plays a key role in it.

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Menorca constitutes itself as one of the best options for those who love nature, unknown lands and overwhelming landscapes. Beaches are of an incredible beauty, and the abundance of them sets the tone for finding deserted locations, adding a surrealist note to what – in every other beachtown – would be catalogued as a ‘normal beach day’. Minorca is also appreciated by those who look for genuine cultural expressions, away from the mainstream currents that can be observed in larger populations. Authenticity and a relaxed lifestyle are a staple in this mediterranean retreat.

In short, Minorca is the ideal destination for relaxed visitors who are open to new experiences. Unlike other times, when reaching the island was a difficult task, now it’s easy to travel, and transfers are widely available. Minorca is adventure, quality and peace; the perfect combo for a perfect vacation.

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