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Madrid offers a transport network that is both efficient and comfortable. The Madrid-Barajas airport is Spain’s busiest; in 2014 alone, more than 40 million passengers used the airport. Transfer alternatives between city and airport is wide: options include buses, metro, taxis, rentals or private transfers. As expected, traffic jams are not unusual during peak hours, but generally speaking, Madrid can be considered as a ‘transfer friendly’ city.

Madrid is the place to be for the people who want to experience spanish culture at its best. Not only is the country’s capital (and most populous) city, but also the place where culture, identity and history of spanish people lives. Madrid is Spain’s royal city, administrative centre and cultural capital.

Birth of a major city

The city’s origins are still a matter of dispute among the scientific community. Most evidence aims to pre-settlements of roman origin, but new discoveries have led some anthropologists and historians to think that visigoth settlers made it there first. Like many other spanish cities, Madrid went through a period of muslim rule, which concluded when the Crown of Castile reconquered the city the year 1085.

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During the next five centuries, the city would experience a slow yet constant growth; in the 16th century, King Philip II of Spain would choose Madrid as a placement for the Royal Court – thus, converting it in the country’s capital city. Since then, Madrid showed sustained growth rates that continue to our days.

A southern metropoli

Towards the end of the 18th century, a series of unfortunate events derived into the development of new urban concepts for Madrid. The goal was to make Madrid great, or at least, as great as the other major European capitals of the time. Culture would flourish under the Borbon dynasty: museums, palaces, buildings and universities were built, as well as sewage systems and transport networks. After the reforms, Madrid would finally claim its place amongst the great european cities.

Nowadays, Madrid is a festival for the senses. Some unavoidable sights include Cybele Palace, Parque del Retiro, the Plaza Mayor and the Royal Palace. To list every worthy sight in Madrid would require an entire volume, or a series of. A few kilometers away from the city there’s the magnificent construction of El Escorial and its imposing set of palaces, churches and gardens that – since its construction in the 16th century – is considered among the greatest renaissance complexes in Europe.

Culturally speaking, Madrid is a paradise for museum visitors; any list should include Reina Sofia Museum, Museo del Prado and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. The city’s also a recognized venue for the world’s best musicians and theatre companies.

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Madrid is up there with other global cities when it comes to cuisine and entertainment. Food is as diverse as the cultures that inhabit the city, and the array of restaurants, pubs and street joints never seems to end. From artisanal beer venues in the Lavapies neighborhood to clubs in Chueca, Madrid goes all the way. Stopping for cañas (draft beer served in little glasses) is a whole ritual, and it’s virtually impossible to walk the city without having a few samples of the best local beers.

Like Barcelona, Madrid is the home of one of the most lauded football teams in the history of the sport: Real Madrid. A legendary team that shares the people’s hearts with the city’s underdog team – Atlético de Madrid. The Atlético is hugely popular in the city, and has also won its share of glory – especially in the past three years. The derby is a show that every football fan would find amusing.

An unforgettable experience

Madrid’s cultural, architectonic and sport attractions appeal to different kinds of visitors. From football fans to 17th century art connoisseurs, everyone seems to find a reason to visit the spanish capital – and fall in love with it. Climate tends to be great – by european standards – and the locals are quite a friendly crew, in many ways warmer than in other major cities. There are many reasons to visit Madrid, and even more to come back. The spanish capital shouldn’t be avoided if you’re looking for the true spanish experience.

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