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La Gomera Airport Transfers; La Gomera is the second smallest islands within the Canary Archipelago. With a stable population slightly above the 20,000 mark, La Gomera is a paradise of rural and eco tourism.

Going to La Gomera

In a similar manner to the island of El Hierro, La Gomera is a sanctuary for customs, uses and traditions that gradually disappeared from the larger Canary islands. The local economy feeds on rural tourism and small, artisanal farming and fishing. The island’s main crops are mango, avocado, banana, papaya and wine grapes.

The island’s climate, like the rest of the archipelago, is outstanding. Median temperatures are at 20-22 °C, depending on the altitude – warmer at sea level, colder at higher regions.

La Gomera can be reached by plane or ferry. The local airport is too small to receive charters, and only gets inter-insular flights. Because the island is close to Tenerife, ferries are a popular option amongst visitors: a ferry trip to La Gomera only takes, on average, 45 minutes. Once in the island, the popular option to move around is to hire private transfers; there is a bus service, but frequencies are not that good, and most visitors opt for rental cars or private transfer services.

la gomera Airport Transfers by ShuttleSpainTransfers

National Parks

The island as a whole has been catalogued as ‘Biosphere reserve’ by UNESCO. A tenth of the island’s total surface is occupied by the Garajonay National Park, which borrows its name from the homonymous mountain. Garajonay is La Gomera’s highest peak, rising 1487 meters above sea level.

The Garajonay National Park is particularly famous for its Laurisilva forests, the archipelago’s largest and best preserved. The volcanic origin of the island becomes evident in its rock formations and lava tubes, specially Los Órganos formation, named after its curious resemblance to a – rather large – pipe organ.

Pre-hispanic customs and traditions are well preserved in La Gomera, perhaps better than anywhere else in the archipelago. The aboriginal heritage can be observer in the pottery works, the traditional dances and in the famous silbo gomero, a complicated and unique language that transcended the spanish conquest to our days. The language is considered a rarity, an ethnographer’s ‘jewel’.

Local taste

The local cuisine reflects the paced lifestyle, and it’s characterized by its abundance and fresh ingredients. Tapas usually include roasted pork and goat meat, as well as almogrote, a spread made from locally produced cheeses, pepper, garlic and olive oil. The island is also known for being a large producer of palm syrup, and desserts including this ingredient are both common and tasty. The menu is completed by local wines and cheeses, which are remarkably good.

Shuttle La Gomera Transfers by ShuttleSpainTransfers

What to do

La Gomera is an ideal destination for those who look for natural landscapes and experiences. Rural and ecotourism are the island’s best options, and promoted activities include fishing, hiking and birdwatching. La Gomera offers several of the best forested landscapes within the Canary Islands, given the large amount of valleys that originate in the Garajonay peak, spreading from the center of the island. Trails and viewpoints are well preserved by local authorities.

La Gomera also offers a large number of beaches to its visitors. Most prominent beach spots include Avalo, El Cabrito, La Cueva and El Medio. Most of the island’s beaches can be reached by road, but some are only available by boat.

La Gomera is a minor, yet underestimated island within the ones that compose the Canary archipelago. However, it offers marvelous experiences, great food and little natural wonders that are not to be dismissed, even by the experienced traveler.

Its closeness to Tenerife makes it attractive for day trips, given the frequency of the ferries crossing the stretch of water between both islands. Visiting La Gomera is an invitation to a pleasant, calm vacation. Wild beaches, long-standing traditions and regional delicacies are well worth the trip. The landscape, ruled by evergreen forests, is quite impressive and certainly different from the one found in the rest of the islands. La Gomera, with its rich biodiversity and cultural heritage, is a great destination all-year-round. Nothing seems to change in this remote Atlantic island, and they certainly have a good thing going there.

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