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Granada Airport Transfers

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Granada itself is a landmark when it comes to planning a visit to Spain. Granada is one of Andalucia’s most important and representative cities, offering major attractions, an outstanding cuisine and good vibes all year round.

Visiting Granada

The main access route is through the Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén Airport (named after the poet, who was quite fond of the city). The airport is located 17 kilometers away from Granada, and it connects the city to major spanish cities and London. Transfers are widely available, and traffic jams are virtually non-existent. Since Granada is not the typical summer destination, traffic is fluid all-year round.

Granada offers different attractions depending on what time of the year a visit takes place. During winter, Granada transforms into an important ski centre – given its proximity to Sierra Nevada, where the southernmost ski resort of the peninsula is located. The rest of the year is an invitation to relaxation, long walks, tapas and music shows.

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Granada is mandatory if you’re planning a visit to southern Spain. La Alhambra itself pays the visit to the city, but luckily, things to don’t end up in the citadel. Granada is a different destination, with rare, labyrinthian old neighbourhoods and a great variety of attractions. It’s impossible not to feel a certain aura over the older parts of the city, with its street vendors, dead-ends and bending, cobble-stoned streets. Flamenco is also a source of permanent amusement, unfolding its gipsy roots and energy to shake the newcomer’s ears and spirit. Granada is a surrealist place, where time flows at a different pace.

In little words, Granada is a strange city, yet fun and highly recommendable. Enclosed by snowy peaks, paved with little bars and restaurants, beating to its own drum, Granada always feels like a breeze of fresh air. Going to Granada is like going back in time, to a time where the only things that matter remain fixed: good food and wine, good music, laughs and walks. Sounds like a plan?