El Hierro Airport Transfers

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El Hierro Airport Transfers
El Hierro is the most austral of the islands that compose the Canary Archipelago. Undoubtedly, El Hierro is one of Spain’s most extreme, raw and stunning destinations.

Reaching El Hierro

Since El Hierro is not a typical destination for tourists, access to the island is not as easy as one might expect. There’s a mandatory layover in Tenerife, Gran Canaria or La Palma, then the option of taking a ferry or a flight to El Hierro. The island’s airport is small, yet functional and adequate for the island’s needs. Fortunately, the island has a well-maintained road network, and transfers between the airport and the main spots are easy and available.

A visit to El Hierro might be dominated by nature-related activities, but the fun doesn’t end there. El Hierro also represents the opportunity to observe fully-functioning sustainability experiments, both in the energetic and economic field. Most of the farming still is artisanal, and the lifestyle saw little changes in the past decades. In a certain way, travelling to El Hierro is like going back in time, to a time when habits and what we call ‘tradition’ still maintains a central role in the way life is lived.

Where nature rules

El Hierro is different to other Canary islands. To begin with, it’s scarcely populated: just 10,000 souls live on this island – far from the hundreds of thousands that make of Tenerife or Gran Canaria their home. Labeled as a ‘geopark’ by UNESCO, the island is peculiarly known for becoming the first in the world to be fully sustainable in energetic terms: all the island’s energy comes from renewable sources (thanks to the recently inaugurated hydroeolic central of Gorona del Viento).

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More than half of El Hierro’s population lives in the capital, Valverde. Framed by green slopes and hills, the little town is quite picturesque. The architectural landmark of Valverde is the Nuestra Señora de la Concepción Church, which dates from the late 18th century. However, those who look for a history-heavy destination might want to choose other place: in El Hierro, it’s all about nature.

In line with the other Canary islands, El Hierro is one of volcanic origin. The island is a spectacle of volcanic rock formations, lava tubes and young volcanic fields. In geological terms, a paradise. The island’s flora and fauna is quite rich, and there’s a number of endemic species, prominently the Giant Lizard of El Hierro – the island’s symbol, along with the Juniper tree, typical of the Canary Archipelago. Some of the best landscapes can be found in the Gulf Valley, the Verodal Beach and the Roque de Bonanza rock formation.

Miraculous waters

The island’s home of ‘Pozo de la Salud’, a well of mineral waters attributed with medicinal powers. The well was discovered at the beginning of the 18th century, while looking for fresh water sources. The well is currently managed by the Pozo de la Salud Hotel, under the guidance of local authorities. The mineral water began to take relevance in the first decades of the 19th century, turning El Hierro in an exotic destination for the miracle-seekers. During the ‘60s and ‘70s, the well was popular among artists and musicians, and it is still considered a popular attraction amongst visitors.

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Contrary to other places in Spain, El Hierro is not a massive tourist destination – and does not want to become one. Tourists usually arrive in the island looking for relax and a low-profile vacation, away from modern distractions and stress. The island is an attractive destination for photographers, hikers and birdwatchers, or for those who just seek for calmness while surrounded by a stunning panorama.

El Hierro’s cuisine is simple and reflects the lifestyle of the islanders. Common ingredients include fish and shellfish, rabbit and kid, as well as locally grown vegetables and fruit. The island also produces its share of wine – using old techniques and presses. The result is high-graduation wines, excellent when paired with the local varieties of cheese. The local delicacy is quesadillas, a cheese-based dessert.

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