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Landing in Bilbao

Bilbao’s airport is 12 kilometers away from the city. It’s quite a busy one: in 2014 alone, the airport registered more than 4 million passengers. It is connected to the city by highway (a metro connection is expected for 2016), and the transfer is usually fast – between 10 and 20 minutes. The low population density of the area (in comparison to other spanish regions) and the excellent infrastructure make of the airport transfer experience an efficient, pleasant one.

Bilbao is, in many ways, a different destination within Spain. Climate plays a big role in this; unlike other spanish regions, Bilbao’s climate is oceanic and humid, one where the four seasons can be fully appreciated. At the same time, Bilbao itself is an introduction to one of the continent’s oldest cultures: the Basque. Festivities like Semana Grande (Big Week) are an opportunity to see the local culture at full bloom.

The cultural scene is not limited to festivities. Bilbao is home to a large number of museums, music festivals and theaters. The city’s also known for its football club, Athletic Bilbao; the local stadium, San Mamés, is regarded as one of the best football venues in the country, with a passionate fan base showing up for every match.

The 20th century has been quite difficult for Bilbao, but things have changed in the past decades and the future looks promising. The city is going through a new historical cycle, attempting to shift from industrial to cultural centre. The millions that visit the city every year are a sign that things are going the right way for Bilbao.

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Half-way between the Basque mountains’ piedmont and the Atlantic ocean lies Bilbao, Basque Country’s most populated city. Epicenter of one of Europe’s most ancient cultures, the city also represents one of the region’s economic cores.

A relevant port city since the middle ages, Bilbao became an industrial hub in the 19th century. Steel and naval industries, along with financial services thrived in the then growing city. Since the return of democracy – in the last quarter of the 20th century – Bilbao suffered a major transformation, where services and culture replaced heavy industries like steel and shipbuilding. There’s an iconic building that reflects this transformation: the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum of modern art, a design by canadian architect Frank Gehry. Other examples of this transformation are the Zubizuri bridge and the Euskalduna Conference Centre and Concert Hall.